We Want Your Clothes!

Looking for people who want to


DONATE YOUR Used Choir Clothes!

Donate your Gently Used Dress to the Choir.

This is the best way to say thank you to the program.

Your dress will go to another girl who needs a choir dress. It will SING again—on the same stages that you graced. It will live on. Please—consider donating your dress—so another student can make memories and be a part of the program. Please have your dress dry-cleaned and leave on my rack.

Put your name on it—and the word DONATION.

Make someone deliriously HAPPY…

Donate your Choir Pants Today!

That’s right—if you are willing to donate your black choir pants—it is the BEST thing you can do to say thank you to the program.

Every year I have 6th graders who grow and need pants desperately—and I am so happy when I have pants to lend!!!

Please consider donating.

Here is how:

Wash the pants

Put in a zip-lock baggie

Write the pant size on the baggie

Bring to school and leave at the office—or have your child give to me.

It’s that simple!


Donate your polo AND your pants.